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Why PMA’s are good for pod learning

What is a Private Membership Association (PMA)?

Did you know that all businesses and industries have the ability to remove that business from the jurisdiction of public law and to implement protections and operations within the private domain?

A Private Membership Association (PMA) is a type of organization that offers members exclusive access to benefits and services. This is what protects educators and parents from having to follow state guidelines and keeps Wilder Paradigm operating in the private sector, rather than the public.  It is a lawful way for us at Wilder Paradigm to conduct all manner of work/teaching.

It is similar to a teaching association, but with private memberships rather than public ones. PMAs are often designed to serve special interests or industries, providing their members with education, information sharing, discounts and other resources.

A PMA gives general immunity to public laws, regulations and internal rules of local, state and federal administrative agencies.

Our PMA at Wilder Paradigm

Our Private Membership Association is a unique group of teachers that are dedicated to helping educators around the world reach their goals. We believe that education should be available to everyone, and our association works closely with schools to ensure that quality teaching standards are met. Our members come from all backgrounds and countries, providing support for teachers of all levels and experience.

The main purpose of our Private Membership Association is to provide its members with valuable resources (like our platform!) that can help them succeed in their professional teaching endeavors!

Some benefits of being protected under our PMA:

  • No government control, or mandates
  • Freedom of speech
  • No More Licensing or Asking for Permission

At Wilder Paradigm, our PMA offers specialized conferences and seminars on topics relevant to our membership base, such as workshops and mentoring programs.


Our members have access to resources such as textbooks, curriculum materials and educational software. In addition, we provide information about professional development opportunities and upcoming events in the educational industry. We also offer exclusive discounts on products related to teaching so that our members can stay up-to-date on the latest trends in education. Lastly, we provide networking opportunities so that our members can build collaborative relationships with other teachers around the world.

Looking for more information on PMA’s? Check out these great resources!

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