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Stories of Awakening: Course 1

Awakening Teens Have ‘Eyes To See’.

The first course in a series of conscious literature study that allows awakening teens to explore the truth of their world through stories and characters, exploring what it means to be an awakening human in a changing world.

This course gives conscious teens the unique opportunity to reflect on their own ‘awakening’ journey in response to current world events, exploring ideas related to:

  • The importance of individuality
  • The dangers of conformity
  • The role of the ‘tel-lie-vision’ in the ‘programming’ of society
  • Control, technology and tyranny

The main protagonist from Ray Bradbury’s Dystopian short story The Pedestrian is an ideal fictional character to explore these ideas through, allowing an awakening teen a powerful way to express important ideas about self, others and the world through the magic of storytelling.

I teach teens about the power of language and how writers and composers create engaging and relevant stories that explore what it means to be an awakening human living in a changing world. By learning from these writers, teenagers can develop confidence in creative writing and critical thinking while also finding meaning and connection to their own lived experiences, especially related to awakening and resilience.

Now more than ever, one of the most important skills that an awakening teen need to develop is their ability to think critically, especially as we are in the midst of not only an information war, but a spiritual and psychological battle.

As well as The Pedestrian, my Stories of Awakening Course 1 also invites teens to explore what it means to be an awakening human through poetry, music clips, song lyrics, memes and other texts. This provides a unique and fun opportunity for truth seeking teens to express their views, develop critical thinking skills and become inspired to reach their own creative potential. This is a powerful time for creative expression as well as emotional and spiritual growth!

Awake music is making an impact right now, and I explore songs from Hi-Rez, Jimmy Levi and other artists in this course, who are using their music to help humanity awaken, especially our youth who are often highly influenced by music and popular culture.

As a trained coach and qualified healer, I value these creative ways that teens can explore their own awakening experience and personal growth, especially as topics like belonging and identity are very important in exploring personal and spiritual development, as well as critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

I’ve always been interested in the study of psychology, human behaviour and society through my educational journey, with History, Sociology and even some Industrial Relations being the subjects I studied at Sydney University. This gives me some great insights into the indoctrination and woke ideologies that have found their way into all institutions, especially schools and universities.

Now as a qualified coach and healer, I have developed a deeper understanding of human consciousness and how this impacts choices and behaviour through the study of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy® and The Compassion Key®.

This is what I believe makes this course so unique as it combines all of these features, making it not just your average English course!

Enrolling in the course

Once you pay and enroll, please send an email to suzanna@enlightenmenteducation.com.au for the password to access the content of the course.

Need some one on one support?

When you sign up to Stories of Awakening, you have access to ONE FREE 45 minute session with me.

In this session, I can offer you some support with the skills required to complete the course.

To claim your free session, please email me at suzanna@enlightenmenteducation.com.au, outlining what you would like support with.

If you would like any other sessions after that, you can book in for additional paid sessions.

Just Added!

To make your experience as enriching as possible, I have included the option to book in 15 minute support sessions if you have any questions or need clarification about the activities and content during your completion of the course.

You can use this option as the need arises and to increase your confidence so that you get the most out of your learning journey, knowing I am available to you.

Link to my booking schedule can be found inside the course once you sign up.

Course Outline

Lesson 1- Exploring Awakening

Teens explore what ‘awakening’ means to them through self-reflection and journaling. We also take a look at poetry and everyday texts such as memes to explore important ideas about awakening and society. This lesson includes:

  • Exploring Awakening
  • ‘Open The Door’- Exploring the Metaphor

Lesson 2-Close Study of The Pedestrian

Teens will study Ray Bradbury’s Dystopian short story The Pedestrian closely, particularly through the exploration of 3 main images in the story. These images invite teens to consider important ideas related to individuality, conformity, technology, mind control and the role of the ‘tel-lie-vision’ in ‘programming’ human behaviour.

Teens will also learn HOW Ray Bradbury uses powerful language techniques to engage the reader in the world of his story, particularly as they connect with his free thinking character, Leonard Mead. This lesson includes:

  • Introduction to The Pedestrian
  • Imagery Part 1- Walking: The Importance of Individuality
  • Imagery Part 2- The Neighbourhood and the Dangers of Conformity
  • Imagery Part 3- The Police: Technology, Dystopia and Control

Lesson 3- Context and Relevance

Teens will explore questions about the relevance of stories like The Pedestrian when relating them to other texts that explore similar ideas about what it means to be an awakening human in a changing world. Teens will study the composer’s context and consider their own context when exploring the story and other texts. They will conduct research and engage in critical thinking, both important skills needed for any awakening teen in search of truth. Teens will explore how the story raises important questions that reflect their current and changing world. This lesson includes:

  • Context and Composer’s Purpose
  • The Relevance of The Pedestrian in Today’s Society
  • Songs of Awakening

Lesson 4: Creating and Composing Your Own Response

Teens will feel empowered to write their own responses as a final piece, either creatively or critically (analysis). There will be options for the final task, catering to a range of interests and strengths so that teens can feel confident to express their ideas through the power of language*. This section of the course gives teens the opportunity to submit a final task and receive individual feedback from me.

*Teens can book in for a private one on one session if they would like some extra support with their task.

This lesson includes:

  • Experimenting with Creative Writing
  • Experimenting with Analytical Writing

Lesson 5: How to Navigate Your Awakening

A final lesson intended to give students the opportunity to reflect on their learning, both in regards to the power of language and storytelling as well as about themselves and their own awakening journey.

With the bleak ending of The Pedestrian, awakening teens are encouraged to re-frame the final message of the story and consider the potentials and possibilities for themselves and humanity when we awaken and learn to empower ourselves.

The focus of this lesson will be reflective writing and journaling, allowing teens to revisit their goals and reflections from Lesson 1, while also making some plans for their future vision and dreams so that they feel inspired to become powerful co-creators of their life and the new earth. This module will introduce teens to some fundamental coaching strategies that are effective in promoting a growth mindset which is essential for any awakening teen on their journey. This lesson includes:

  • Revisiting and Reflecting on Learning
  • Dealing with Emotions and Triggers to Build Resilience
  • Feeling Empowered to Reach Your Creative Potential

Suggested 8 Week Schedule

This is a suggested schedule you can follow to help you complete the course in 8 weeks. This is just a suggested framework that can help you to organise your sessions and created some structure for you as a homeschooler. If you move through the course a bit faster or a take a little longer, that’s totally fine too.