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Welcome to Wilder Paradigm

Where students of all ages are inspired, empowered and supported in an environment fostering natural & fun learning!


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About Us

We instill a lifelong love of learning with applicable skills to navigate the natural world!

Wilder Paradigm is an entirely new pedagogy for education, as well as a beautiful shift for humanity. We are re-imagining our world and returning to living in connection with one another and the earth, while reclaiming our sovereignty. Wilder Paradigm connects students of all ages with freedom-minded educators around the world both virtually and in-person for a rich, well-rounded educational experience. Our mission is to inspire, empower and support students in an environment where learning is natural and fun!

Variety of Subjects

We provide education in topics that surpass the standard curriculum. Our students acquire real, applicable life skills, wisdom from those that came before us, as well as discover health modalities outside of the current system. We facilitate the space for all to explore, grow and learn as a community. Both in person and online classes are available to reach new lengths with educators and students around the globe!

Classic Academics
Applicable Life Skills
Ancient Wisdom/Spirituality


Featured Courses

Children's Yoga Course

Join us for this inclusive, educational and fun Children’s yoga courses. Online & in-person

Ancient Native American Combat Techniques

Have you ever been interested in Native American teachings? There is so much to learn from our ancestors and it’s time to spread the wealth. 

Elementary Teacher/ Gentle Parenting course

Are you finding yourself home schooling this year? Are you a new parent looking for help. Take part in our course!

it takes a community

Featured Educators


Erin is a children’s yoga teacher, helping little ones explore yoga and a more healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.


Ryan is a drumming instructor, combining ancient and modern modalities geared to the improvement of self and group by harnessing the power of rhythm and group music making along with ancient indigenous and Shamanic practices used by many populations around the world.


Rahma is a Certified Detox Specialist who educates children on healthy eating habits. She also teaches ESL, art and dance/movement for little ones. 

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Join Us in creating this Paradigm. Follow along with new classes, new educators and more access to resources as we expand around the world! We welcome all new ideas, new ways of teaching and educating both youth as well as adults. All are welcome in the space and we look forward to what we will collectively create and learn through Wilder Paradigm!