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Painting with Acrylics

In this beginner friendly 6-week flex course, students will utilize acrylic paints to create a new masterpiece each week using various techniques.

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Learn the basics and beyond!

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Miss Rahma

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In this Acrylic Art Class, students will create one beautiful canvas painting each week using acrylic paints. We will utilize various objects, painting techniques, and a variety of paint brushes and sponges. I will post a new video link in the classroom each Monday, which will be uploaded on Youtube as unlisted – so only those with the link can view it.

 It will detail the supplies needed for that week’s project, as well as a tutorial that demonstrates the whole process. The students may follow the teacher’s tutorial, or they can get creative as they wish!

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Starting your artistic journey

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Miss Rahma

Creative Detox Specialist

Hello there!

I am Miss Rahma.


I have been teaching for the past 10 years, in the US and abroad, both in person and virtually. I have taught a variety of subjects, including ESL, Art, Dance, and Fitness. I aim to help students get their creative juices flowing, and always try to incorporate room for them to add their own twist to activities. I am very passionate about holistic health, natural living and I am a Certified Detox Specialist. I enjoy working out, dancing, moving my body, yoga, anything that gets me up and moving. Movement is so important for our bodies health and I hope to instill that in my students.


Fun facts about me:

– I have a one-eyed kitty named AJ

– I love traveling and have traveled to over 15 countries

– Currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio

I look forward to seeing you in class:)