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The Whole Story : Tiffany’s edition.

So you’re a teacher who is sick of working for the corrupt public indoctrination system, but you don’t know what your options are? 

I get it! I LOVE my work as a teacher too! 

For many of us, this is not simply a job, but a life calling and soul purpose! What if I told you that you could continue shining in your life’s great service, while breaking free of the bondages that the government system has on you? What if I told you that you could feel free to teach in your unique ways that align with your values, rather than be forced to instill ideas in children’s minds that do not resonate with your truth? This is exactly what I’ve done and you can do it too! 

The first and biggest step to achieve your dreams of teaching freedom is mindset! Fear is going to creep in. You will be all up in your head with “what if’s” and “hows.” 

Take a big breath, exhale the fears and step into faith. 

I promise you, on the other side of your biggest fears await your wildest dreams! I am a living example of this! I had no idea what was going to happen when I was placed on leave without pay for not complying with tyrannical medical procedures and little did I know, my life was about to become way more aligned, peaceful and joyful! I am now able to teach in my unique way and share community with like minded individuals, raising their children to be conscious, sovereign beings. 

But where do you even start?  Here’s some ways I got going: 

Once you relax into this scary and exciting transition phase, join Wilder Paradigm to become a part of our PMA (Private Membership Association.) A PMA protects you as an educator as well as students from reporting any of your education journey to government entities. We believe that parents have the right to decide what education they see fit for their children and educators have the right to teach in their unique way! 

Get yourself a library card! Utilize free books, materials and even some printing perks to save money by signing up with your local library!

Decide on a location. If you have a space in your home, wonderful! If you want to hold classes at a local park, great! If you are able to rent a private space, fabulous! You can even find local moms who might be willing to host classes from their homes or switch up homes throughout the week, co-op style! 

Decide on your curriculum. For my pod, I pull inspiration from many pedagogies including Waldorf, Reggio Emilo and my own style! Don’t feel stuck to one method. This is a beautiful opportunity to create something new and fun! There are so many resources out there and homeschool curriculums you can access. We will also be sharing some of our favorite resources on the website under our “Resource” page. Do some research to see what resonates with you. We do recommend play-based curriculums as we believe children learn best when having fun, without force or coercion. 

Decide your rates and hours. Research local private school rates. I chose a schedule of Monday-Thursday from 9-2. I believe in work/life balance for children and grown-ups and we are a resource for homeschool parents, but also encourage parents to be active in their child’s learning experience. I always recommend parents in my group plan outings, field trips and other enrichment activities on Fridays!  

As an educator with Wilder Paradigm, you will have access to our private educator groups where ideas, projects, resources and inspiration are shared. We are also able to connect you with potential students as we receive emails daily, from all over the world, inquiring about pods and can help advertise when we get new educators in new areas. Even more than that, we act as your own little personal marketing team! From spotlight educators and courses on our social and newsletters, you get to take advantage of our networks to kickstart yours as you get started. 

So with just our site you can build your full course, get backed up by a PMA, network with our educators, receive educator resources, reach students and reach a whole new network on social and through email marketing! 

We can’t wait to hear about your courses and help you get set up! 

Sign up to be an educator today and watch your email for the welcome flow information.

>> https://wilderparadigm.com/ 

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