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About Us

Why Wilder Paradigm

What inspired Wilder Paradigm?

Wilder Paradigm was born to meet the needs of a higher consciousness world. The structure of the old education system bred a lack of enjoyment of learning. At Wilder Paradigm, we know that our existence was meant to be far more beautiful than what we had formerly accepted for ourselves as a collective and we are assisting humanity in returning to our truth and joy through natural learning! This wonderful new paradigm allows for creativity and innovation to truly flourish!

Meet our founder, Tiffany Wilder

Tiffany Wilder is a revolutionary teacher, human rights activist, founder of Wilder Paradigm and fierce freedom fighter. With over 10 years experience working in early childhood education and special education in the California public school district, she is now using her wisdom to re-structure the broken, corrupt educational indoctrination system. In 2020, Tiffany took a bold stance on forced masking and medical procedures, refusing to partake in any part of the agenda and was immediately placed on leave without pay. After sharing her story and encouraging others to follow suit, her post went viral on social media and she began creating solutions to shift the learning process for children around the world, focusing on a model which encourages and facilitates autonomy, sovereignty, community, play, self-reliance and applicable life skills. Tiffany is passionate in aiding humanity in returning to our truth and power and living the beautiful existence we were meant to savor in this life.

What do you believe Wilder Paradigm will achieve?

Wilder Paradigm allows educators and students the freedom to create their own schedules, while gearing each student’s education towards their passions and unique learning styles. We believe that everyone can be a student at any age.

At Wilder Paradigm, a student in the United States may learn French today from a teacher in Paris virtually, and tomorrow take a hands-on foraging class with a local group in their community. Rather than grades and rigid structures, we focus on sharing and receiving wisdom through natural exploration, in a joyful manner!