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Learning Pods & Experiences Trusted by Wilder Paradigm

Early learners nature and outdoor enrichment program

Brighton Academy and Soulshine Co-op: A safe space for homeschool families to allow their children to explore, create, imagine, play and grow organically, in their own time.  We believe in the power of children taking the lead in their life. We focus on self-esteem and confidence, through activities that help support their social, emotional and psychological self. Then through their interests, we work with them and their families to bring in academic subject areas accordingly, All learning is individualized, and at the pace of the child, based on their agenda, not ours. 

Our 501(c)(3) non-profit is dedicated to creating safe and supportive spaces for people of all backgrounds to explore their creativity and build confidence through skateboarding. We believe that everyone should feel empowered to express themselves without fear of judgment. Our workshops and experiences are designed to cultivate a sense of belonging among riders of all skill levels. By celebrating small wins and promoting a culture of inclusion, we aim to build a global community that supports happy and healthy lives beyond the board.

Youth mentoring and rites of passage

Freedom Farm School 

Homeschool Resource- outdoor enrichment

Wild Earth Kids is on a mission:  To connect children with the healing power of Nature!

Freedom School

Freedom Farm School

Freedom farm school 

Nananatura holds a moment, a safe space where young people and nature meet. Nananatura believes that nature is not a place we visit but home. Nananatura believes in the power of outdoor play. Nananatura treasures people´s experience in nature.